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Our Story

Honestly, Greensboro SEO Pro started out as a work from home experiment.

We ended up finding that we liked helping good businesses connect with their customers.

Plus, we have a real talent for it.

Despite the prowess and the “pro” in our name, we’re nothing like the average SEO agency.

  • Search Results 100%
  • WordPress Design 95%
  • Social Media Marketing 85%
  • PPC Advertising 80%
  • Online Reputation Management 90%
  • Email Marketing 85%
Returns Oriented

If we can’t make you more money, we don’t want to work for you.  No offense, but we don’t like to see clients throw away money.

Master Strategists

Milennial nerds make the best digital marketers.  Period.  We know what to do, when to do it.  And we’re ahead of every trend.

Customer Centric

We aren’t into milking our clients for more than we are worth.  We feel that the best way for us to succeed is to help you succeed.

A Note From The Owner


I don’t know that I ever wanted to become a business professional.

Rather, I know I never wanted to be at one point.

Disillusionment with the world and all that.  Then I discovered that I could use skills that I’ve always had to help others.  From there, the wheels began to turn.  It didn’t take much for me to wrap my head around the most important digital marketing concepts.

SEO comes to me pretty easily.

What doesn’t come as easy is being a “true professional”.  I’m an introvert at heart.  I like people.  A lot actually.  I just get my best work done when left alone.  I also have a tendency to be a bit long winded.

For these and other reasons, I like to limit my time taking phone calls.

I’m perfectly willing to give you some free direction if you fill out the form on the Discovery Page.  This is just one way that Greensboro SEO Pro lives out its mission.

Zach Bradshaw

Zach Bradshaw

The Original Pro

Zach started out as the original SEO pro shortly after the birth of his first son.  He saw the opportunity because too many clients ordered content that would never be seen (or generate an ROI).

A Digital Marketing Firm with a Mission?

It might surprise you (and our competition), but we actually base our business practices on deeper principles.

You’ve heard about us: entitled milennials who want to feel like the work they do serves some greater purpose.  For some reason, serving others seems to be more gratifying than serving ourselves.  Who knew?

The sages of sucess say that “opportunity”, especially in business, comes when have something that can improve the lives of others.  In this way, he who helps the most people, earns the most success.  So how can we help you?

This is the basis of how we try Greensboro SEO Pro to something more.

Pretty simple actually, we keep it real:

1. Make the Internet a Better Place – Always seeking to perpetuate the truth, we aim to help search engines serve up the best results.  Don’t expect us to lie for you or make your business out to be something it is not.  But do right by your customers, and we’ll make sure the world knows it.

2. Make Our Clients More Money – This is probably what you want to hear about.  It goes without saying: the purpose of any marketing consultant is to help build exposure for businesses in order to increase revenues.  We stay on top of our industry and hone our craft everyday to do just that.

3. Make SEO Easier to Understand – For the average business owner, just understanding the basics of SEO can seem overwhelming.  It doesn’t need to be this way, as SEO (especially local) is getting more straightforward everyday.  We help you wade through the wealth of outdated info.

4. Make SEO Agencies Try Harder – This might not make us popular, but we think it’s well past time that SEO was sold in a fair and honest way.  This may be a tough industry to stay on top of, but that doesn’t mean we should resort to shady tactics.  Instead, communicate with integrity.


Meet the Team

A work from home office is all it takes to become one of the world’s best SEOs.  But the right team is the only thing that can make you truly great.  We may look like a ragtag group, but that’s how we like it.

Austin Huet

Austin Huet

The Vagabound Pro

Almost as big a hippie as the original SEO Pro, you might catch Austin working from his laptop anywhere from here to Bangkok.

Jesse Callahan

Jesse Callahan

The Hippest Pro

Recruited from the computer game hacking underworld, “DJ 3rd Eye” is one part mad scientist, one part intuitive trend detector.

Alkali Jaiteh

Alkali Jaiteh

The Virtual Pro

Working remotely from The Gambia, Alkali is the oil that keeps this machine running.  His work ethic puts us Americans to shame.

Find out what we can do for you.

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